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ourstorylogo  OUR  PRIVACY  POLICY

Our Privacy Policy is direct and clear-cut:  Charnas Appraisal is committed to the privacy of our clients.  Information gathered in the process of performing an appraisal or valuation assignment for our clients is not shared with any third party unless our client directs us to do so.  Our work product is provided to our client only, unless the client directs us to provide it to a third party.

The only exceptions to the above policy would be when we are required to provide non-public information to others by action of law such as, but not limited to, a subpoena, court order, etc.

It should be stressed that our client is the entity for whom the appraisal services are being performed and is identified as the client within the appraisal report.  In the case of a mortgage loan transaction, our client is typically the lender, not the borrower, buyer or seller, or real estate agent.  In the case of an appraisal performed for employee relocation purposes, the client is usually the employer or a party hired by the employer to assist in the relocation process and not the employee.  In both cases, the work product and all information regarding it is shared only with the client unless the client directs us to share it with other parties.

Also, in those instances where a client authorizes a third party to order appraisal, valuation, or consultation services from us, it is presumed that the client has given us permission to provide our work product to that third party and to answer that third party’s questions about our work product.

We restrict internal access to personal information about our clients to authorized individuals who need to know this information in order for us to provide service and products for you.  This would include, primarily, our staff.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to protect your nonpublic personal information.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, we will be pleased to answer them via email (Reports@CharnasAppraisal.Com) or by phone (440) 526-2503.

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